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GNU Midnight Commander

(More Powerful, More Pleasureful, Much Painless)

New ethno-music album is out...
Temirkay Album Cover
IKH SCHAMAN - Temirkay, free steppenwind... (2009)

Midnight Commander 4.1.X-MP

The goal of this project is creating a stable, well-working, usefull console-only version of well-known Midnight Commander, without bugs and garbage, like tk, xv and gnome. I'm bored waiting for bugfixes, and A'rpi's ESP team stops their work in this direction too, so I did it. I'm fixing all (found) bugs, reported by my friends, and made some really pleasent new features, like real-time clock, or filegroups colorizing.

Why is it an alternate version of mc, instead applying patches to main mc project?

The original mc is now about v4.6.x, with more and more bugs, "monster from the console" grows more and more, and now it has some very bad structural changes, tons of garbage code, and finally - there is no possibilities to compile it without some X parts, like Glib.

When I use linux - i want to use fast and powerfull console file manager, and I like mc 4.1.x series much better: it has well-designed structures, easy to add new features.

Btw. I back-ported some of new usefull things appeared in 4.5.x and 4.6.x, make some fixes, catch some memory leaks, and so on... - README gave you more information about it.

Sincerely yours,
Oleg "Olegarch" Konovalov

Current changelog:
mc-MP 4.1.40-pre9
  • ADDED: EXTFS patches from Hatred:
    • New EXTFS behaviour: strings from Miguel's "url" format: "rpm:cpio:/path/ar.rpm/ar.cpio/path2" converted to strings in "#proski/" format, at form: "/path/ar.rpm#rpm/ar.cpio#cpio/path2"
  • ADDED: EXTFS mkdir/rmdir/unlink features for archives, EXPERIMENTAL!
  • ADDED: Some new keybindings:
    • CTRL+` - "toggle bookmark" in editor
    • ALT+INS - "Paste from clipboard" in editor (as Sh-INS)
    • Ctrl+LEFT, Ctrl+RIGHT - fast horizontal movement (10 chars) in Viewer
  • ADDED: "External Scripting" function in Editor. Thanx to Gergely Szasz for original idea.
  • ADDED: "CD-recording" into PowerPack. Thanx to Bart Friederichs for original realisation. But it's incomplete, and WET yet!
  • ADDED: "Double frames" feature and option for panels, EXPERIMENTAL! Possibly will work only with PC/KOI 8bit character mappings
  • ADDED: "Show mountpoint info" feature and option for panels:
    • Shows [ FreeSize / TotalSize ] on panel's bottom for current mountpoint
  • ADDED: "Panel Scrollbar" option for panels: shows scrollbar for panels
  • ADDED: "Fullscreen mode" for Viewer, which binded on F11 fkey:
    • very useful for ebook-reading process on PDAs and notebooks with small screen: statusline and keybar dissapoints reader person because useful text smaller on two lines.
  • CHANGED: "Layout" dialog:
    • Added options - "Double frames", "Panel Scrollbar", "Show mountpoint info"
    • Added "l&Ynx-like motion" option, moved from "Configuration"
    • Re-layed some elemenths of "Layout" dialog
  • CHANGED: panel menu for mountpoints rewritten from scratch:
    • now we has possibility to show: mountpoint name, size of FS at mountpoint, free space, mounted device name, full path on mountpoint (from panel's history) and HotKeys. Work will be continued. FEATURE IS EXPERIMENTAL!
    • "mc_cd_mountpoint_and_dir" setup option: allow to CD into last used directory of selected MountPoint. INI option, off by default
  • CHANGED: "Enter" key behaviour for Viewer: now scroll text by page, nor line. Very useful for ebook-reading process on PDAs and notebooks, where is absent PgUP and PgDN keys: BkSPC and Enter are changing them.
  • FIXED: Some security fixes applied, some memleaks catched
  • FIXED: 2GB limit in directory size counters not has a place anymore
  • FIXED: With native SLANG compilation problem connected with placement of nice rotating dash.
  • FIXED: Single search-string buffer for all search/replace ops
  • FIXED: Duplicates in all historys unnecessary and must be off!
  • FIXED: Menubar now has HotKeys highlights
  • FIXED: Listbox now has HotKeys (when exist) showing with highlights.
  • REMOVED: (temporaly, I hope) all ".po" files, except "ru.po". Maintainer waits for your suggestions about your locales.

Screenshots Count Size Link
screen-PlainBlackPanels.png 3283 14577 7:25:14 / 23-Apr-2003, Wed
 File Link 
screen-Options.png 2224 14724 6:59:9 / 23-Apr-2003, Wed
 File Link 
screen-MountPoinSelection.png 6787 16737 7:9:26 / 23-Apr-2003, Wed
 File Link 
screen-Editor.png 2100 12459 7:10:38 / 23-Apr-2003, Wed
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screen-CopyProcess.png 6995 7538 7:8:8 / 23-Apr-2003, Wed
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Releases Count Size Link
mc-4.1.40-pre9.tar.gz 21911 1214767 13:40:27 / 30-Aug-2004, Mon
 File Link 
mc-4.1.40-pre9.tar.bz2 7992 991346 13:33:13 / 30-Aug-2004, Mon
 File Link 
mc-4.1.40-pre8.tar.gz 5119 1272474 9:54:14 / 3-Sep-2003, Wed
 File Link 
mc-4.1.40-pre8.tar.bz2 3536 998867 9:38:39 / 3-Sep-2003, Wed
 File Link 
mc-4.1.40-pre7.tar.gz 6262 1250414 11:15:14 / 16-Aug-2003, Sat
 File Link 
mc-4.1.40-pre7.tar.bz2 2257 989311 11:7:39 / 16-Aug-2003, Sat
 File Link 
mc-4.1.40-pre6.tar.gz 2328 1256274 13:31:17 / 30-Apr-2003, Wed
 File Link 
mc-4.1.40-pre6.tar.bz2 1912 993787 13:24:2 / 30-Apr-2003, Wed
 File Link 
mc-4.1.40-pre5.tar.gz 4360 1271728 11:31:55 / 22-Apr-2003, Tue
 File Link 
mc-4.1.40-pre5.tar.bz2 2853 992532 11:24:14 / 22-Apr-2003, Tue
 File Link 
mc-4.1.40-pre4.tar.gz 2071 1378605 20:6:13 / 13-Apr-2003, Sun
 File Link 
mc-4.1.40-pre4.tar.bz2 2045 1059341 20:6:13 / 13-Apr-2003, Sun
 File Link 

Other_Stuff Count Size Link
mc_png_icons.tar.gz 4140 1318 23:9:36 / 12-Apr-2003, Sat
 File Link 
far_mc-like.zip 5520 3044 8:50:18 / 13-Apr-2003, Sun
 File Link 

Vargan_Music Count Size Link
Record8.mp3 3258 2686785 23:16:1 / 22-Aug-2007, Wed
 File Link 
Record7.mp3 2866 1710465 23:14:16 / 22-Aug-2007, Wed
 File Link 
Record5.mp3 2691 2574465 23:12:13 / 22-Aug-2007, Wed
 File Link 
Record4.mp3 2771 2228865 23:9:35 / 22-Aug-2007, Wed
 File Link 
Record3.mp3 2726 2375745 23:7:7 / 22-Aug-2007, Wed
 File Link 
Record2.mp3 2663 1192065 23:5:22 / 22-Aug-2007, Wed
 File Link 
Record1.mp3 2803 564820 23:4:31 / 22-Aug-2007, Wed
 File Link 
NightSteppenVarga-2007-08-17.mp3 2511 3971866 23:34:37 / 22-Aug-2007, Wed
 File Link 
C0RpSe and Olegarch - Heavy Varga.mp3 2419 2182990 23:34:31 / 10-Sep-2007, Mon
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